About KW

About KW

Careers Worth Having, Businesses Worth Owning and Lives Worth Living

Careers Worth Having
Gary Keller notes on the cover of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, his best-selling guide to success without limits in real estate: “It’s not about the money. It’s about being the best you can be!" Having studied the systems used by thousands of the highest producing agents in North America, Keller Williams has created the model for what it takes to succeed in real estate an...d reinforces its winning models through training, coaching, educational events and a best-selling series of publications.

Businesses Worth Owning
The Keller Williams perspective is that real estate is a local business driven by individual associates and their presence within their communities. It’s a perspective that stems from Gary Keller’s deep conviction that the agent, not the company is the brand, and that the company’s primary role is to help agents to build their own brand and grow their own businesses – beyond simply selling real estate.

Lives Worth Living
Great riches only matter to the extent that they fund a great life with great meaning. Keller Williams Realty is defined by a culture of agents who care deeply about each other and are committed to having a positive impact on their clients and their communities. Indeed, the focus of Quantum Leap, Gary Keller’s signature training class is on discovering and achieving one’s life mission. Keller Williams Realty is a company that changes lives.

The Proof is in the Numbers
As the only major real estate franchise company in the North America to experience positive growth in 2009, Keller Williams Realty’s time-tested models and systems establish a framework for profitability in any market. There’s a reason why Entrepreneur magazine recently ranked Keller Williams Realty as the No. 1 real estate franchise, and why we were the only major real estate franchise company to report an increase in both the number of associates and the number of sides for both the 2009 REAL Trends 500 and the RISMedia Power Broker Reports. Contact us to learn more.


Our Values


To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.


To be the real estate company of choice.


God, Family, then Business. We believe real estate is a local service business driven by individual real estate agents and their local image with their centers of influence and client base.
We believe our associates should be treated like “stakeholders.”
We believe stakeholder companies always measure profit or loss, open the books, and tell the truth.
We believe who you are in business with really does matter.
We believe profit matters.
We believe no transaction is worth our reputation.

Beliefs (Rules)

At KELLER WILLIAMS® International, we proudly and fondly refer to our beliefs as WI4C2TS. They are how we grow our relationship among ourselves.

This symbolizes:
W – Win-Win ─ Or no deal
 I – Integrity ─ Do the right thing
C – Customers ─ Always come first
C – Commitment ─ In all things
C – Communication ─ Seek first to understand
C – Creativity ─ Ideas before results
T – Teamwork ─ Together everyone achieves more
T – Trust ─ Begins with honesty
S – Success ─ Results through people


A training and consulting company that also provides the franchise systems, products, and services that lead to productivity and profitability.
Keller Williams thinks like a top producer, acts like a trainer-consultant and focuses all its activities on service, productivity and profitability.

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